Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ok so I'm not dead.

and I have been drawing/ other art works. Finished 3 paintings actually, But alas no pictures. Why because my life has been so crazy busy these past few months that I forgot. Not to mention Major Plumbing issues, which resulted in about 2 months of utter chaos in my home. I've also been having some computer problems, but I'm hoping that very soon I shall have a brand new computer baby to love and cherish for about 6 weeks before it becomes obsolete. Loves and rainbows and what nots. Oh what the hell I'll give you a crappy little sketch I did while I was in england a year ago. Its a lizard with two tails. Loves it.


"Try to be different
Well get a different disease
Seems it's in fashion
To need the coldsore cream

Yeah, I'm a freak of nature"

-SilverChair: Freak