Monday, January 4, 2010

Been a while

Wow its been awhile since I've posted anything... hmmm let me give you the run down on why. So I ended a almost 6 year long relationship, don't worry no hard feelings it just had to happen. However because of that I had to move, and quit my job and find a new job, and pack up my stuff (in a week) and unpack my stuff, repack my stuff and finally store most of my stuff, and finish my commission (which took a while cause I couldn't find my paints) and basically rethink my entire life/future.

Wow its been a busy couple of months.

Besides all that I didn't just move home and sit around my parent's basement I did the in the Run for the Cure in October (and yes it was a miserable cold sunday), took up the guitar (I can now play four songs in the finger picking style and 4 in the traditional strumming working on my 5th), Joined a gym, Lost 7 pounds (and counting), took up the sport of Curling (which by the way is soo much fun its crazy) and now am a regular volunteer with the local division of Junior Achievement and I am an advisor to the Company Program (that's right folks I'm helping to mold the future leaders of tomorrow, MUWHAHAHAHAHA!).

Hmm what else? Well I feel more productive and happy then I have in a really really long time. Positive out looks only and am really curious to see what the future has in store. After all if anything the past couple of months have taught me that you can't plan anything, just let the possibilities and fate guild you and you'll always find your way.


"I wanna live life and never be cruel.
I wanna live life and be good to you.
And I wanna fly and never come down.
And live my life and have friends around."

-Coldplay "We never change"