Saturday, January 15, 2011

I like not having burned hands.

Today I woke up and since its Saturday I ate some waffles. yum yum. I was disappointed by the lack of turkey bacon in my fridge to compliment said waffles so I turned on my computer to drown my sorrows and waste some time on the internet.

I started my Googling (how did that become a verb again?) The Royal College of Art and Design since its been a while since I popped in for a visit. A couple of links later (aka the 6 degrees of the Internet) I came across this video on youtube which shows a video of Scott Amron’s Heatswell.

Now I am intrigued enough to continue my search for this mystery man (who for the record did not attend the Royal College of Art and Design but has several really nice degrees in Engineering) and possibly see some of this other designs which lead me to his website, Amron Experimental

Where I find myself disappointed. Lots of information about magnets, which I have little to know interest in, but alas all the truly original designs know as the Die Electric Line of products are unavailable for my perusal, since when I check on the picture I’m sent to an unrelated spam website.

There are a couple of fun little things on the website which gave me the giggles such as the Batbox video , or the Chocolate File

Alas the damage has been done and I’ve been disappointed twice before noon on a Saturday….sigh.

Internet lesson of the day : Don’t post broken links to your work on your own website.


"When your will is broken
When it slips from your hands
When there's no time for joking
There's a hole in the plan”

-Nelly Furtado "Say it Right"

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Business is up and running

So a few weeks (a month?) ago let you guys know that I was planning on getting a little business up and running. Many a question has been asked about my future plans so here is the Cole’s Notes:

The fall of 2008 after I returned from my summer in abroad I had a gentlemen who had seen my work approach me for a large painting commission. Cha Ching! Blam! Money in my pocket which basically translated into my shiny new MacBook Pro and a ridiculously expensive pair of leather boots.

What I didn’t realize is that in the time since then a lot of people have been through his house loving my work. Thusly I’ve recently been approached for two other paintings of similar size. HOORAY!

Meanwhile about a year ago I did a drawing of a friend’s dog for her birthday. People must have liked it because just before christmas I received phone calls from people asking for my work. I’ve had 6 dog portrait orders and 4 more in the works, I also have been asked to draw 3 children’s portraits (YAY people!) and possibly another painting.

I’ve also been approached to donate my artwork for an online charity auction in the spring. (and thats what we like to call “free” advertising!)

Now I’m trying to figure out how to build a website (Gulp!), make some business cards (pft easy peesy) and complete my orders….. all from my bed.

Hey you can’t always pick the time when everything falls into place! I’m just gonna roll with it.


"My shadow lays with me
underneath the Big Wide Sun
My shadow stays with me
as we leave it all
we leave it all Far Behind”

-Eddie Vedder “Far Behind"

Something more epic then me.

My last couple of post were lame. Lame in that pathetic sort of way where if this were the olden days people might be thinking its time to take me out back and shoot me. I’m wracking my brains trying to come up with something awesome, witty or at least more interesting then soap, however I’m finding it difficult when the most awesome part of my day lately is when I try and count the number of swirls in my light fixture.


It doesn’t help that my writer friend Scott Bartlett has an impressive new blog called Batshite which is way more epic then mine ever will be.

Damn his Lexicon to hell!!

Peer pressure demands that you go check it out and automatically bookmark it if you want to be cool or if you wanna pretend your cool like me. Drop him a comment while your there if you like what he has to say and become part of his witty social banter.


"From here, it's clear, that I'm not getting better
when I fall down, you put me back together
I'm alone, in my room, I don't know what to do
When I fall down, you put me back together”

-Weezer “Put Me Back Together"

Saturday, January 8, 2011

How Odd

As I take down my Christmas Tree and retrieve the gifts which have been lying wistful under it for the past several weeks it occurs to me as i look at the bounty that I’ve reached a crossroads in my life.

I received awesome presents this year, however I have a cardboard box one foot square full of items which have made it extremely clear that I’ve become “that person”

Namely "that person" you don’t know what to buy for.

Here is a list of the items that tipped me off (mostly because these are the things I buy people when I don’t know what the hell to get them):
3 tropical fish Christmas Tree Ornaments
3 other misc Tree Ornaments
3 Boxes of Chocolate
3 Bottles of Red Wine
1 gift box of 6 french organic soaps
1 gift set of Jolly Orange Body Shop Products
1 Gift set of Pink Grapefruit Body Shop products
2 loofahs
Hemp Hand cream
Lip Gloss
A Back Scrubber
Peppermint Foot Moisturizer
Carrot Moisturizer (what do I use this for???)
3 bottles of scented hand sanitizer.
1 Karma Bath Bomb from Lush
1 Karma soap from Lush
1 Black Currant soap from Lush (Its the Jelly one?)
8 nail files
1 nail buffer

……. yeah. Either people are trying to tell me I have a massive BO Problem and need to take better care of my hygiene or I need to get a new hobby where all the paraphernalia isn’t expensive as hell.

*sniff Sniff*….. *Shrugs* Smells good to me.

And don’t get me wrong I totally love the gifts (I love the expensive smelly shit and now I can smell yummy all year! Oh boy!), after all I think a lot of thought must have gone into them since there isn’t one scent there that I don’t love. (Smells I hate include: fake chocolate, vanilla, and rose. Kudos on the citrus, hemp, pachouli and yummy black currant)

So maybe I haven’t become “that person" after all. Maybe people just know that I like to take showers with awesome smelling bath products, could send all day at the Aquarium section of the Zoo, and that I like to eat chocolates and drink red wine.

Yeah lets go with that.


"And so it is
The shorter story
No love, no glory
No hero in her sky”

-Damien Rice “the Blower’s Daughter"

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I’ve always considered myself a romantic and I’m a strong believer in fate. Then again I’ve grown up with the fairy tail blind date meeting of my parents at one Winter Ball thirty-one years ago.

He was a handsome university graduate bachelor in his late twenties, she was living at home, her twin sister married off the previous summer. Their parents were friends and needless to say desperate to get them married off, so that they could start with the baby making.

Hence the plot was hatched. The Winter ball was coming up, and my father would only go if he had a date, so one was arranged. They met, they danced, and my father came home and told his sister that he has found “the one”.

A year passes during which the had a some what long distance relationship

Then 30 years ago to this day my father pulls up in front of the local jewelry store and says lovingly to my mother “ I hear I should have gotten you a ring for Christmas, so we gonna get a ring or wha?”

Hey, I never said my dad was the romantic, but apparently that was ok by my mother because she said yes.


“Doubt thou the stars are fire,
Doubt that the sun doth move,
Doubt truth to be a liar,
But never doubt I love.”

-William Shakespeare

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thank god for Apple

I have never been so happy in my life to have purchased an apple product and signed up for the Apple Care Protection Plan! I know there were some nawsayers out there who protested my purchase, some who even out right laughed in my face. "Your paying an extra $300 dollars for a protection plan on a Mac? but they hardly have any problems!!! You crazy.”

However when my adapter (you know that thing that powers my MacBook Pro AKA Baby Computron) decided not to work on Christmas Eve I was at a loss. So I call up my good buddies at Apple and kindly asked for a new one. And low and Behold! They said sure! where would you like it sent? No Charge! Just send us back the old one in a box that we will prepay.

I never got service like that with my PC!

Hot Damn.

Did I mention that when I went to the Apple Store in Toronto they fixed my computer problems ( I lacked apple dvd player on my mac for some reason…weird I hope I didn’t delete it.. :s ) at the genius bar while I waited (approx 5 minutes?) Now THATS What I’m talkin’ bout!


"Once you go Mac, you never go back.”

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Done Suckers

I don’t know what I was worried about. I finished that last commission in 2 hours and then had a nap (damn I’m good)

I checked my mail today for the first time in 3 days. I had 3 Christmas Cards and a gift ( I hope its slippers!). JACKPOT. Booyah gonna be a merry christmas indeed.


"So raise your glass if you are wrong
In all the right ways
All my underdogs, we will never be, never be
Anything but loud
And nitty gritty dirty little freaks
Won't you come on, and come on, and
Raise your glass”

-Pink “Raise your glass"