Thursday, January 13, 2011

Business is up and running

So a few weeks (a month?) ago let you guys know that I was planning on getting a little business up and running. Many a question has been asked about my future plans so here is the Cole’s Notes:

The fall of 2008 after I returned from my summer in abroad I had a gentlemen who had seen my work approach me for a large painting commission. Cha Ching! Blam! Money in my pocket which basically translated into my shiny new MacBook Pro and a ridiculously expensive pair of leather boots.

What I didn’t realize is that in the time since then a lot of people have been through his house loving my work. Thusly I’ve recently been approached for two other paintings of similar size. HOORAY!

Meanwhile about a year ago I did a drawing of a friend’s dog for her birthday. People must have liked it because just before christmas I received phone calls from people asking for my work. I’ve had 6 dog portrait orders and 4 more in the works, I also have been asked to draw 3 children’s portraits (YAY people!) and possibly another painting.

I’ve also been approached to donate my artwork for an online charity auction in the spring. (and thats what we like to call “free” advertising!)

Now I’m trying to figure out how to build a website (Gulp!), make some business cards (pft easy peesy) and complete my orders….. all from my bed.

Hey you can’t always pick the time when everything falls into place! I’m just gonna roll with it.


"My shadow lays with me
underneath the Big Wide Sun
My shadow stays with me
as we leave it all
we leave it all Far Behind”

-Eddie Vedder “Far Behind"


  1. That's excellent, Kim! (Other than the bed part). I'm so happy for you! =) It's nice to see some art skills getting someone SOMEWHERE! =D

  2. This is really excellent, and I'm very happy for you! Can't wait to see what happens when you get everything up and running.

  3. Very excellent!! I'm just starting to get some comissions hah, I hope my route goes as successfull as yours has been so far!