Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I’ve always considered myself a romantic and I’m a strong believer in fate. Then again I’ve grown up with the fairy tail blind date meeting of my parents at one Winter Ball thirty-one years ago.

He was a handsome university graduate bachelor in his late twenties, she was living at home, her twin sister married off the previous summer. Their parents were friends and needless to say desperate to get them married off, so that they could start with the baby making.

Hence the plot was hatched. The Winter ball was coming up, and my father would only go if he had a date, so one was arranged. They met, they danced, and my father came home and told his sister that he has found “the one”.

A year passes during which the had a some what long distance relationship

Then 30 years ago to this day my father pulls up in front of the local jewelry store and says lovingly to my mother “ I hear I should have gotten you a ring for Christmas, so we gonna get a ring or wha?”

Hey, I never said my dad was the romantic, but apparently that was ok by my mother because she said yes.


“Doubt thou the stars are fire,
Doubt that the sun doth move,
Doubt truth to be a liar,
But never doubt I love.”

-William Shakespeare

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